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kairo - Triad (Official Video) / Director : David Choi / Creative Director : Sing J Lee / Producer : David Choi, Csaba Bereczky / Director of Photography : Sung Yun Ko, Alvin Octoman / Visual Artist, edit and VFX : Jonathan Wing, David Choi / Music recording : David Choi / Music mixing, mastering : Claudio Cueni

10/19/2017 - Myron Mckinley Trio’s "Party for Jackie Live (Short Version)" at Belasco Theater. / Director, Producer, Editor : David Choi / Music recording, mixing, mastering : Claudio Cueni

Stanley Clarke and Myron Mckinley Trio's "Man In the Mirror" has been released. "Man In the Mirror" is a remake of Michael Jackson's hit song of the same title. This special collaboration commemorates Michael Jackson's 59th anniversary which is on August 29th. Enjoy the Music Video for "Man In the Mirror" and send lots of love and support to them! / Director : David Choi / Producer : David Choi, Csaba Bereczky / Director of Photography : Sung Yun Ko, Alvin Octoman / Music recording : David Choi, Claudio Cueni / Music mixing : Claudio Cueni / Mastering : Ted Jensen

Myron Mckinley Trio’s STATION track “E-12 (Live)” has been released. “E-12 (Live)” is a fusion jazz song in avant-garde style with outstanding live impromptu played by the band. Myron Mckinley is the current music director and keyboardist of the legendary R&B Jazz Funk group Earth, Wind & Fire that holds a record of winning 7 Grammy Awards including the "Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award" in 2016. / Director : Daniel Park / Producer : David Choi, Csaba Bereczky / Director of Photography : Alvin Octoman / Music recording, mixing : Claudio Cueni / Mastering : Chris Gehringer