God is with you in everything you do.

About us

YAH Entertainment is a company dedicated to presenting creative artists and ideas to the world mainly through the medium of music. We revel and indulge in a variety of different styles and genres as well as developing hardware/software.  We are on a quest of breaking new ground whether through our variety of musicians’ inspired endeavors covering jazz, metal, hip hop, electronica or whatever muse enlightens their minds and spirits. With international distribution as well as professional directors, developers, producers, and writers we have the means to encourage our aural artisans with no boundaries to curtail their flow. We have sparked and ignited collaborations between alike and differing artists and come up with innovative and lively productions that have entertained audiences around the world. Our goals are limitless yet focused, monumental but attainable, wide-ranging and still accessible through skillful and competent hard work. Our heads are in the heavens, our hands are conducting a symphony, but our feet are on the ground and traversing the vocation of ambition.